This Works!

When you want an Alcohol- Free volumizer that will give hair great volume without feeling stiff or tacky. Best of all, hair brushes go through the hair easily while being blow dried. At the salon, my peers and I tested Volumizer and the consensus was all the same, "boy does this work". It gave body like nothing we had ever used. I discovered, it would enhance your curl or wave when applied to dry or damp hair and then scrunched, It is a product for all different textures and styles of hair.

Directions: Spray about 8 inches away from scalp. Use sparingly. Remember a little goes a long way with Volumizer!

Key ingredients: Hydrolyzed Algae, Keratin Amino Acids and Rice Protein to create the body you want when blow dried.

8oz Volumizer $35.00 available online and at select hair salons.

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