Daily Moisture Shampoo

Daily Moisture Shampoo


Gentle and rich!

This emollient moisturizing shampoo is rich in protein and vitamins. It's great for sensitive hair and scalp. Helps to restore bounce, texture, and reduces hair and scalp dryness. It contains natural botanical extracts (*rosemary & nettle), nutrients,humcetants, and specially prepared human keratin for structural botanical integrity.Full spectrum UV protection. *Rosemary- helps stimulate hair growth and soothes dry and flaky scalp. Nettle- activates blood flow to scalp and hair follicles promoting volume fullness and shine.

Directions:Apply a Small amount of shampoo into palm of hand, massage into scalp vigorously working through hair to the ends. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with robert ramos recomended conditioner for best results.

8oz Daily Moisture Shampoo $25.00 available online and at select hair salons.

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